Printed Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings


on linen or silk,

rod sleeve


Wall Hanging

phrases in

popular Sci Fi and

Historical fonts

including Klingon, Elvish, Cuneiform, Rune and Gallifreyan.

Prices vary to size

Plus shipping

CA sales tax


Custom work is

always welcomed.


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Fawnridge-Arts can be found at Renaissance, Pirate and Fantasy Faires throughout Central and Northern

California and now Oregon. Please check out Faires and Events page for updates to Faires in your area.

Many of the items sold in the booth are available as custom orders. Because I make many 'one of a kind'

items if you see something you like it may not be available later. I can make the same style but fabrics will

vary throughout the year. Feel free to contact me at my email address or Facebook page with your

questions and project needs. Email or click on the facebook icon in the left


Custom work is always welcome at Fawnridge-Arts. Many of the styles have been developed through the

years from custom work requests. I research and work each pattern and create one of a kind items.

Fabrics used are mostly recycled and upscaled from thrift store finds to scraps from others projects and

wholesale fabric warehouses. The later two give me a wider selection of more expensive fabrics for higher

quality finished pieces. I usually purchase linens, silks, and some specialty fabrics new.

Furs are faux unless real fur is requested. My policy demands that furs come from vintage items

or animals grown for food only. This honors the animal and insures no waste.

Be sure to check out the different product sections above and look for a Faire date in your area. Hope to

see you soon.- Kathy


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